Why Varta?

Varta (or वर्त) is a Sanskrit term, meaning both livelihood and subsistence. We chose Varta to represent our organization as it symbolizes our holistic, preventative approach to wellness, as well as our unique combination of Eastern and Western philosophies which have shaped our professional values. More than a name, Varta is something that each and every one of us possesses. Varta is your essence, and how you nourish it is up to you.

We are a group of fitness professionals who joined together to make legitimate, expert advice available to everyone. We were tired of working for companies run by personnel with no fitness background who care more about profit than they do about offering the
right services or producing real results. We are all educated, certified, experienced, and good with people, and while we wish it this weren’t the case, these characteristics dramatically separate us from virtually every other fitness staff out there.

We offer personal training (both in-home and in-studio) and nutrition consultation services for everyone, no matter what your fitness and nutrition goals may be. Our staff have both the qualifications and the experience required to work with anyone: athletes, rehabilitation, weight loss… you name the goal and we know how to approach it.

So browse our menu of services, read our fitness blog, and find out more about what makes Varta Fitness and Nutrition different from the rest.

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