The Biggest Loser

The popular television show: The Biggest Loser features overweight individuals who sign up to compete to win a large sum of money by losing the highest percentage of their weight (originally amount of weight) over a period of up to 100 days. Contestants are periodically eliminated throughout the competition for failing to make satisfactory progress. The Biggest Loser is marketed as a show that...

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Shake Weight

The Claim • Shake Weight® Utilizes New Workout Technology Called Dynamic Inertia, which Increases Muscle Activity by More Than 300% Compared to Traditional Weights • Scientifically Proven Results • Get Incredible Results in Just 6 Minutes a Day • Designed Specifically For Women Revolutionary new product or fitness fad? Let’s take look. Breakdown First things first: Dynamic Inertia? ...

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Training with kettlebells is not a new idea, just newly popular. Kettlebells as we know them today have existed for around 350 years. Originally they were used as handled counterweights for use in public markets, later they were put to use for entertainment, and eventually for they made their way to the weight room. In 1948, modern kettlebell lifting became the Soviet Union’s national sport. In...

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