Rainy Day Fitness: Working Out in the Rain

It rains nine months out the year here in Seattle, which means Seattleites are pretty used to the damp: whether they’re commuting, exploring, or exercising, we are accustomed to a regular drizzle. If you want to improve your outdoor fitness in Seattle, you are probably a veteran of coping with the rain

But did you know that exercising in the rain could actually be better for you?

A recent Japanese study found that performing cardiovascular exercises in the rain can significantly improve your oxygen intake, and it increase the norepinephrine and the plasma lactate blood markers in your blood. Working out in the rain makes your lungs work harder, so you end up burning more calories.

Photo taken from Mallory Bower

Here at Varta Fitness we don’t need a study to tell us that improving our fitness in the rain feels great. Rain clears the air so you’re breathing cooler, fresher air as you exercise, and the cold air makes your lungs work harder. As long as you’re safe, exercising in inclement weather can also build your fitness resilience, and you’ll certainly be able to get your
cardiovascular exercise outdoors in Seattle year-round.

Spring is here, and we have months of rainy weather ahead. So lace up and don your layers: enjoy your cardio outside and get soaked!


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